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Right now, as I look out through the patio doors, I see the sun hitting the leaves on the trees. They shine with a fluorescence brighter than any man-made light. This is the light of the natural. As the tree sways in the wind the leaves twirl and cast ever-changing shadows across the surfaces of their neighbours, making them ripple like a pool of green. Beyond is the sky, faint brushes of blue sweeping through gaps in the dense cloud cover. No rocket could take off in this weather; the clouds sink, brushing the roofs of the houses with their grey and white tendrils. They are teasing. They won’t rain, but the subtle threat is there.

Such a cloud skids across the sun, blotting out its pale evening light. That light took eight minutes to get here across vast amounts of empty space, only to be blotted out by a greedy cloud. The cloud’s far side is warm, while we ants below shiver.

But the wind is on our side. It throws the cloud aside so the light pours once more onto the dancing leaves. Fallen blossom petals lift skywards and fly away across the fence, beyond the fence, butterflies of petals flying free. i want to dance out there, in the wind, in the petals, and feel that sun on my skin, and touch the iridescent leaves.

But I have an exam to revise for.

Well, shit.


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