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Aches and sprains

It’s fun to mess with doctors.

I took a tumble, as it were, on Sunday. By took a tumble I mean I fell over with such panache that I had to go to hospital on Monday, cradling my left wrist and whimpering softly. Had it checked over by a very nice (and, dare I add, very nice) male triage nurse, who then shipped me over to x-ray, where a mean woman twisted and turned my mangled fingers every which way so she could get a decent shot of my hand (to be fair, she was actually a lovely woman and apologised profusely everytime I yelped when she moved said mangled fingers).

And then I saw the doctor. This is just a part of the conversation I had with him:

Doc: So, how did you fall?
Me: Heavily.
Doc: Er…
Me: I was standing on wooden decking….
Doc: Uh-huh *nods encouragingly*
Me: and I slipped when I was pulled over….
Doc: Right….
Me: By a cat.

Long pause here. I spent this time looking at his thumbnails. They were the weirdest thumbnails I’ve ever seen. Straight down the middle of each nail was a line of yellow… I can only describe it as crust. And he was poking my poor left hand with these nails. Eww. Anyway, back to this:

Doc: I’m sorry, did you say a cat?
Me: Yeah. Well, more a kitten, actually.

I swear I have never seen a human being’s eyebrows shoot so far skyward before. It was awesome.

The general verdict was no break, but very bad sprain, keep it rested, elevated, cooled, wrapped up in bandages while at uni, and under all circumstances DO NOT USE IT UNTIL THE WEEKEND AT THE VERY LEAST. That includes lifting and holding stuff, so I am freed from household chores until the weekend.

Needless to say, this is being typed with one hand. For which I apologise, especially if there are any tyops.

What role did Benny play in your accident, I hear you ask? To which my reply is NEVER WALK A CAT ON WOODEN DECKING WHEN IT’S BEEN RAINING. Otherwise, he might just decide to jump into a tree, taking you by surprise and causing you to slip on the wet decking, throwing your left hand out to save yourself and effectively mangling your fingers.

Credit me this, though: I didn’t let go of his harness leash.


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