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Okay, so I’m writing an essay about the use of landscape in the works of James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving (fabulous, isn’t it? It’s due tomorrow, 3500 words, and I’ve done a wonderful 825 so far. Joy!)

I wrote this sentence about the snow: The snow, while a literal product of the winter than had just passed, is also a symbolic ‘covering up’ of the destruction of nature caused by man.

A green squiggly line appeared underneath it. I clicked it, and word told me my grammar was wrong, and that this was a much better alternative:

Does also man cause a symbolic ‘covering up’ of the destruction to nature the snow, while a literal product of the winter that had just passed?

erm…. WHAT?! That doesn’t even make sense! See, this is why I get so many typos in my work: because I ignore my spell/grammar checker because it tells me to do silly things like that!

Well. On with the hunt, as they say. This essay is horrific.




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Dive in the Sky

I wrote a poem about birds today. It’s kind of crap but you can read it if you want.

The bones of birds are hollow
So, birds are mostly air.
Perhaps that’s why they love the sky
And find completeness there.

I also wrote this one about my sore throat. I threw in a violin for no apparent reason.

The highest note inside my throat

Sandpapers my vocal chords

And roughs my voice for days and days

After I attempt to sing it.


The violin finds it easy to sing

He calls the note

That grazed my throat

And cackles merrily at my jealousy.


I’m bored now, though. I’ll do a proper update soon.

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