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Well. Having been reminded by Seph and vin that I actually have a blog (supposedly) I thought it was probably high time I actually wrote in the darned thing.

Since the last time I wrote, I’ve acquired a cat, started uni and discovered my favourite place in the world. In that order. One at a time, then?

Okay: the cat. His name is Benny, he’s about 4 months old and he is a grey tabby. He’s also a little monster who yesterday discovered that he can jump onto the kitchen worktops, which now have to be cleaned before doing any food prep on them (not that we didn’t keep them clean before, but who wants kitty litter on their worktop? Eww.) He’s a monster because he has a habit of attacking people’s feet whenever they go past him, tearing off various bits of the stuff stuck on my door, and sitting on your shoulders chewing the ends of your hair. BUT he is a sweetheart when he’s sleepy, and his cuteness makes up for his misdemeanours.

I bet some politicians would like to be able to say the same. I’m not naming names, I think most people can guess who I mean.

Uni is great. I’m studying American Lit with Creative Writing at the UEA and I love it. I’ve made friends, I understand (mostly) the work and I’ve already handed in two essays (and am waiting for them to be returned with ‘GTFO’ written on them in big red letters). I’ve joined the UEA anime society and go there every tuesday, to watch Planetes, Potemayo and Macross Frontier. There’s not much else I can say, so on to the last topic.

My favourite place. The UEA has 240 acres of parkland on it’s grounds, including a massive lake, big area of woodland and Butterfly meadow, which hugs the estuary of the river Yare. Around the edge of the lake there are little jettys for people to sit and fish on. I have a particular favourite, which I call the stepped jetty, as it’s on two levels, so I can sit on the top one and out my feet on the lower one. On any of the others I’d either have to cross my legs or get my feet wet- not something I desire much. I spent two hours out there yesterday, revelling in the silence and solitudue it offered me, only interrupted occasionally by curious dogs. I walked partway round the lake to the stepped jetty and sat there for an hour reading Huckleberry Finn, before deciding to walk the rest of the way. I called in at Butterfly Meadow and had a bit of an explore of the woods, where I came across some rabbits, who ran away as I apporached, little white tails flashing beacon-bright. It was all very beautiful and I kind of regretted having to go back to where there were people. But I had a seminar to go to. Rest assured I’ll be back at the lakeside tomorrow though, weather permitting. Yesterday was perfect weather for a walk. I doubt it will be again tomorrow.

That’s about it for my update. Thanks for reading, if you have done so.


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