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Once again, Vin has reminded me that I have a blog, and that I should at some point update it. So, here is my latest update.

I’ve become addicted to the anime/manga series La Corda d’Oro. I’ve seen the whole of the first series and have up to volume 9 of the manga. Not only that, but I’ve also succeeded in getting two of my anime-illiterate friends hooked on La Corda too. That, as they say, is an achievement.

La Corda fuelled my desire to play music again. I’ve missed playing the oboe ever since I was forced to give it up a few years ago. More recently the desire to play became so bad it hurt- it was actually, physically hurting me that I couldn’t play music. Every time I listened to music or saw an instrument my heart hurt. It’s difficult to explain. It was like something had been carved out of my soul, and no matter what I tried to fill it with- reading, writing, archery, badminton- it was never enough.

So I bought an oboe.

Oh, my parents threw a fit when they found out. My sister timed the argument I had with my mother- 23 minutes, apparantly, before we found ourselves recycling things we’d said (yelled!) ten minutes before and decided to stop arguing. They’re still annoyed but they’re being nice to me now.

I won’t be back at the level I was for a long time, and I’ll probably make lots of mistakes with tempo and style without a teacher to correct me, but the joy of being able to play again is unbelievable. Only those who have loved music and lost it could understand the complexity of emotion involved.

My oboe’s name is Kazuki. Oh, it’s definitely a guy. The oboe I hired from school all those years ago seemed to be more feminine. She played sweetly, and was nice about it. Kazuki’s as stubborn as I am. I guess that makes us a good match. But he’s going to be hard to deal with, I can tell.Still, I look forward to the challenge. Bring it on, Kaz!

So that covers La Corda and the oboe… oh! the thorns. While walking my cat, he climbed a tree and it took me half an hour to get him out. I got scratched badly by the thorns. Stupid cat *grumbles*


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