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So. On Monday we picked Jery up from Norwich rail station, then we went home. There’s not much to say about Monday because it was late (about 10pm) and we were all tired (Jery in particular, having been on several hours worth of train journeys in both England and Holland, as well as a six hour ferry trip from the Hook of Holland to Harwich).

On Tuesday, we went to the city and met up with Sophie in the city. Pretty much the first thing we did was go to Norwich Castle. It was fairly fun, apart from the fact that it’s been kiddified to such a degree that it’s on the point of dullness. Still, the dungeon tour was amusing, mostly because Sophie was afraid of the dungeons and clung to my hand all the way round, at one point nearly wrenching my arm from its socket when they turned the lights out, eventhough it wasn’t completely dark.

Then we wandered around Norwich for a bit, and visited the cathedral. Then we wandered around a bit more, Sophie went home, as did Jery and I. Then we pretty much spent the evening watching TV and I introduced Jery to the wonders of Doctor Who.

Today, Jery and I caught a bus to Great Yarmouth. Remind me never to get a bus to Yarmouth again. It’s about 40 minutes of dull, eavesdropping on various old ladies’ conversations, none of which were particularly interesting.

We spent a good couple of hours getting steadily lost in Yarmouth, before eventually stumbling onto the seafront and Regent’s Road, which is filled with the tackiest, obscenely glitteriest shops imaginable. My mother had charged us with a quest to find the best example of a tacky souvineer, and our answer was an 18 inch Freddy Mercury statue, which moved and sung various Queen songs at the push of a button. If that wasn’t enough, they had a John Lennon one as well.

Then we got bored, went to the Sea Life centre, spent a peaceful couple of hours gazing at fish, and then came home. But not before I bought an action figure of Naraku from the anime InuYasha, for only £2! I had a bit of trouble trying to get it to stand up until I examined the box and found a little stand under the label. Now he is happily guarding a few books I happen to have on the same shelf.

And now, after wandering around the incessently sunny and devestatingly hot Yarmouth, we went home, watched a few episodes of Futurama and the film Hot Fuzz, and now I’ve come to my room to write this and go to bed (after being scared out of my wits by Naraku falling over. I need to sort him out again.)

PS. In relation to my last post, I shall say that the bread, by the way, turned out well. If I do say so myself.


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Bread and wine

A friend of mine from Holland is visiting this week. He arrives this evening. I’ve known him for years but I have never actually met him. Am I nervous about that? A little. But I am more nervous about the bread.

I haven’t cooked anything in a while- with exams and revision it’s not something I readily had time for. So today I decided to make my speciality- spaghetti bolognaise. I’ve made the sauce, which is now sitting in the kitchen, stewing quietly, which should make it really nice. As usual, I added liberal amounts of red wine to it. Yes, I, the teetotal, cannot make spaghetti without at least half a bottle of red wine in it.

And my mother thought it would be a good idea for me to bake bread. Now, this is something I’ve never done before, so I wasn’t sure about doing it. My fears were, in a way, justified when I managed to bake the greaseproof paper to the base of the bread, and then had to spend half an hour meticulously stripping it off with a knife. I’m nervous about how it will go down. I pride myself on my cooking. If this bread sucks I won’t be happy.

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Finally, I am free! I had my last exam this morning. It went well. Even if it hadn’t, I would not dwell on it. There’s nothing I can do now.

I’m going to sort out my college books now. I took the revision notes I had with me today to the courts (where my mother works) and got a great amount of satisfaction from throwing them into the court recycling bin. Now I’m going to throw out all my other notes and throw my college textbooks into a corner of the garage where I won’t have to see them anymore.

I want to start packing up my stuff to redecorate my room now. Eventhough I have a friend visiting next week and I’m not actually redecorating until he’s gone, but I love looking at everything I have, especially when I can’t remember what it is I actually have. I’m looking forward to packing now.

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Well. It is currently five minutes past nine in the evening, I have done…very little revision, and pretty much spent the day on The Student Room and drawing flowers on my feet with highlighters. I’d’ve taken a picture, but I hate my feet at the best of times, let alone with fluorescent orange and green flowers, however pretty they may have been.

I just had a shower though, so now they’re gone.

I’m watching House, chewing gum for the brain while I procrastinate. Well, not chewing gum. That implies something bad. House is more like caviar for the brain. After that, I really should do some more revision, otherwise I’ll be kicking myself when I get to my exam tomorrow and find I know none of the answers.

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Hello, and welcome. I am Cooro. Some of you may know me from The Student Room, some from my other blog, the imaginatively named ‘Cooro’s Blog’ (which can still be accessed at www.coorosblogg.blogspot.com).

This is Alegría. As far as my understanding of the word goes, Alegría is Spanish for joy. The name actually comes from a song from the soundtrack of one of Cirque du Soleil’s shows.

Fascinating, I’ll agree. Had I been listening to another track on my computer at the time, this blog may well have ended up being called Dumb or Walk Away (the former by The Beautiful South, the latter by Funeral for a Friend, and neither a particularly good advert for a blog), so I appreciate that I was listening to a song with a beautiful name at the time.

But that aside. I have chosen Alegría and thus it shall remain (until, possibly, I get bored of it and decide to change it). The purpose of this blog? Well, my other blog seems to be stuck in a stagnant universe of bad writing and boring posts. The purpose of this blog is to be the opposite. Hopefully my posts will be interesting, hopefully well-written. If I have anything dull to say then by gum it’ll go in the other blog, because I’m not cluttering Alegría with it.

But, for now, Alegría will have to make do with this introduction, as I have a politics exam to study for.

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